Acsip LORA modules are not recognisable in node red application

Hi We are using Nodeered lora application server to control the street light through the ACSIP modules . We observed that application server is unable to recognize Node (Acsip) and do respective function . We controlling the street light using this application server. but we use the other like microchip modules we can observer that node red is able to recognize the node and able to do respective application.

Please help us why we are unable to recognize the modules in node red.

Muniraja . BS

You don’t specify if you are using a specific node from the list of LORA nodes available, but I would start by reading the ReadMe of the node you are using as some are very specific about the hardware they are compatible with.

Hi ,

We are using S76S in our application . Your application server not responding to downlink message from Node to do specific operation like switiching of and on light .

I don't have an application server you have access to.

What NODE in Node-RED are you trying to use?

Hi , Is your problem solved related to AcSIP node?