Activate a gpio using siri's voice commands remotely (via shortcut)

Hi, After removing the account on apple tv 3 I can no longer use it as a hub (i tried to reinstall the account several times) so i can't remotely use the siri shortcuts to give voice commands to the raspberry, there is a way to activate a gpio remotely via something of compatible with the shortcuts of siri? Now I use an esp8266 commanded by tasmota but I would like to connect them directly to the raspberry gpio, thanks

If your in the same network you can use http request to trigger actions in nodered directly from siri shortcuts. I actually use this a fair bit.

From lan it works correctly, but I need it remotely, I have to open the garage door from the street

The easiest way would be to use telegram instead of shortcuts.
Its quite nice for simple commands like that.
All other options for remote access are a lot more involved. If you search for remote access you will find a few topics in the forum dealing with setting up ngrok or a vpn.
But this always leaves your nodered instance more vulnerable than before as it creates the need to open up nodered to the outside world and you should really think about the security ramifications and if they are worth it.


thanks but I was wondering if it was not possible to send a simple http request using the dashboard that I have already installed?

Any request from outside your network would mean that you would have to expose nodered to the whole internet for it to work which is really not recommended.
If you want remote access you could look at how to set up a vpn like openvpn as I said above.
Unfortunately there is no easy solution for remote access as far as I know.

Alternatively you could have a look at this:

But I have not used it and cant vouch for its safety.

I don't worry too much about safety, at most they open the garage door :rofl:

Nope. If they get into the pi then they are into your network. Next will be your PC and then your bank account.
Not to mention the fact that the pi will become a bot for sending spam around the internet and then your ISP may cut you off.

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Between an http request and dashboard activation I don't see all this difference, however, They should enter from a dynamic ip, completely hack the raspberry, log into my windows pc, find the password to access my bank account, find my password for online operations and enter the confirmation code associated with my phone number. seems counterproductive to me
all this interest only for a private user

Good luck.

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