Add ssh key in Git config is not working

Hello together,

I hope somebody can help me?

I have a problem with the configuration of a connection to Git. Nothing happens when I press the "Generate key" button.

Git and ssh-Keygen is installed. Is there something additional to configure?


have you checked the node-red log for any errors? Likewise, the browser's javascript console.


Hey :slight_smile:

yes I ckecked the log.

But it looks normal. And when I'm pushing the button, no log entry or debug entry is generating.

My Problem is:

  1. I add a name after that I press the button "Generate key"

  2. Next I get the loding screen

  3. Next the same screen at point 1. with no ssh key

Thanks for your support.

What about the browser's javascript console?

yes here we get an issue.

you know what it mean?

It means you haven't got the ssh-keygen command installed locally. As far as I know, that normally comes with the ssh tools on Windows... but maybe you have to install it separately.

Thanks for your input.

After installing GIT on my Windows VM. The Problem was fixed.

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Hi, i have the same trouble, I install the services SSHH and they are running as they show in this webpage

But i cannot resolve the ISSUE.

thankyou for your help