Adding extra development documentation

I think Node-RED dev doc is already very good. I've came from C++ world, in 2-3 days I have integrated a custom system into Node-RED, learning about nodejs, npm, js, and node-red user and dev docs included :). No other IoT system was as friendly as NR, when talking about plugins.
There could be much more info in documentation, I agree with that, but for me (as newbie) I think, the most important things should stay on top, so the docs stays short and easy to read and understand. More advanced information maybe hidden in spoilers or something.

The second, very important thing is that the doc should always stay in sync with the code. Many other systems I have test before NR has very bad doc, caused by differences between current version and documentation. And that simply kills over a half of newbies like me ;).

Good Job so far NR-team ;]

@seth350 - Hi - maybe a few too many !!! for my liking !!! but very extensive notes so it's a yes from me. It will need a as per other nodes that actually describes what it is and does so that it could actually be published - no intention to do so - but it should be there to complete the example if someone wanted to fork it.

(Also if you are happy for it to be part of the main node-red-ui-nodes repo then we need to rename it to be node-red-node-ui-mylittleuinode (rather than -contrib- ) as it would become an official node.)


I understand. There is a fine line between detailed comments and excessive and I tend to err on the excessive side. As long as it is helpful that is.

There were times where I tried to reference one of the documents when I was attempting to create a non-ui node, and I just did not understand it. Rather than ask, I just abandoned it.

Referencing the ui_list wasn't much help either because I could not tell what code was more-or-less boilerplate and what was actually determining the functionality of the node.

My goal with this was to basically place all of the code into blocks and explain what the code was for and if it needed to be edited to suit the users needs. Once it is broke down, there is only just a few sections that need the user's attention.

Setting the node name, html, and whatever code they need in the initController. Even the node name could become a variable in the .js file to eliminate the need to edit it in multiple places.

@BartButenaers also contributed to the comments and even shortened some. There are still a few TODOs left to finish. I ask of the team to take a look and see if they can provide any information on them. Mostly explaining what some of the functions are. I found some notes from HiroyasuNishiyama on some of them.

I suppose it would be ok to submit it to the repo and then if anyone wants to tackle the TODOs, they can submit a pull request to the official repo, rather than my fork.

Totally you guy's preference. I have tested the node and minus the needed, it is ready to go.

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It seems I have spoke too soon. There is a bug in both of my nodes.
When adding a linear-gauge or mylittleuinode to the flow, they will not appear under the Group in the Dashboard tab.

I have looked at the code and I cannot make sense as to what could cause this, so I am going to create a new discussion.

Hello Bart. @BartButenaers

We are writing two guidelines for node development and flow development.
Since the official page of "Creating node" is explained very well, topics that we are currently considering for node development are only following.

Ā· Effective naming rule of nodes and categories
Ā· Process and perspectives of testing nodes
Ā· Node generator (

Because there are not so many topics, we will not make a new page and we plan to merge it into the existing Creating Node's document.
If contents that you are going to write do not overlap above topics, I think you better merge them separately. Otherwise, let's discuss the content you are interested in at another thread in this forum or Slack.

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Thanks for the information !

Good plan! Like you have already mentioned, the current documentation is indeed very useful. Just wanted to add some extra stuff, but I have no intention to rewrite documentation that is already good ...

Nice to know what you are going to add in the future. I have no overlap with your new additions, so I will create a separate pull request to add my own information.

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