Adding extra modules-specific class to update button

On our Venus OS, we have started to include Node-RED. Next to Node-RED, we also provide the node-red-contrib-victron module. On our devices, this all resides on a read-only filesystem; updating versions goes via complete firmware updates.
User installed modules reside on another filesystem, allowing the end-user to update the installed modules via the palette.
If we release an updated module + firmware, the user that still has the old firmware installed, will see the module from the palette as updatable. Which will fail, because of the read-only filesystem.

All of this is not that relevant for Node-RED, and one might argue that we need to find a way to fix this issue ourselves. That being said, filtering out the "update to ...." button would be simple if the button would have its package-dependent class. My proposed patch adds an extra class to the button: red-update-victronenergy-node-red-contrib-victron (in this specific case). It would help us, and perhaps some others, if this patch can be incorporated into Node-RED.

To add to Dirk-Jan his explanation: this is about selling a product (our GX devices) with all software on it as one solution. And expressly not having individual components updateable. For support reasons, compatibility reasons and probably others.

So, its more than just the technical issue of a read-only rootfs; its about delivering a working and tested product - for those users that want that.

And for that, we need a way to disable the "Update to" button where necessary.

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