Node-red-contrib-victron install disables entire instance

Installing node-red-contrib-victron messes the flows file because when the module installs it creates a configuration node, and every time it restarts, it creates another with the same name.
Doing anything at this point just totally empties the flows file leaving you with a blank installation.

The developer has been notified on github months ago and they just ignore.
Any plans to make node-red proof of this problem? How about banning the node from the repo until it gets fixed?

I don't know why node-red allows for creating a duplicate node at first time. Not to mention blanking the flows file instead of erasing the culprit nodes.

Hello SeRiusRod,

The node had been updated in this fix. And a new 1.4.1 release was made.
Even though the latest released version is 1.4.1, the website Library - Node-RED still showed version 1.3.2.
I've clicked the "check for update" on that page and it now finds the 1.4.1 version. It will probably take a few more hours before all caches are updated and you can update the npm package from the palette.

Best regards,

Thanks Dirk-Jan, and I apologize for a late response.
As you said, I've tried again the install and the new version made his way. Since then I've had no issue and I can use the integration with Victron.
I'm currently making an energy diverter to charge my car with it.
Thanks again.


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