Adding new maintainers to a node

I've recently been developing a new node with some other people, and have published it to npm and added it to the Flow Library.

On the page for the node in the Flow Library there is a "maintainers" listing, but it only lists myself (I guess because I was the one who published the node?).

How can I add other members of my team to the "maintainers" list?

And the docks for the package.json

I've added the users as collaborators on npm, and they appear just fine on there. It is just on the Node-RED website that they don't appear.

Have you requested an update for the node on the flows site?

The site will not be automatically updated when you push to

Tried that as well, still nothing. Only thing left I can think of is perhaps seeing if publishing another version to npm will trigger it to update.

What's the node?

You have to trigger an update on manually after npm got an update (the automation got unreliable a while ago)

It may be that check for update only does anything if the version has changed, and not if only meta data has changed.

You cannot change the meta data of an npm module without publishing a new version to npm.

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