Address unreachable

What can i do with these message? is niet bereikbaar.


Do I lost my flow?


How did you try to start Node-RED?
Is anything else showing on the log?
What version of Node-RED are ou running?
What platform are you running on?

Hoe heb je Node-RED geprobeerd te starten?
Staat er nog iets in het logboek?
Welke versie van Node-RED gebruik je?
Op welk platform draai je?

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your answer.

At the moment I do not reach the Node-Red application at all.

Therefore, it is not easy to find the requested data correctly.

· I am starting, as before, from a shortcut with the following characteristics :

· I find these logs, which of these do you want?

· I noted earlier on11.04.2020 Version 1.2.7.

· I suspect by platform you mean Raspburry PI+.

Thanks for your kindness.

Jack De Gendt

On the pi, open a terminal window and enter
And press enter. That should start node-red

Wow, I do it. I am curious and message you.


First of all, thank you for the quick and positive treatment of my question and the helpful answer.

Indeed, I have access to Node-Red again, for which I thank you.

However, I waited so long to respond because I had a difficult question to formulate.

I have since found the solution myself.

Still, I would like to ask : what is the relation between Node-Red and the Fred Node-Red (Fred Short) please ?

Kind regards,


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Node-RED is free software you can run on many different devices i.e. Raspberry Pi's, Mac's Windows, other devices running Linux distro's etc.

Fred Red is an online (mostly) paid service that will run a virtual cloud version of Node-RED (note their last blog entry was from december of 2016)

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