Adjust new junction node

As detailed in the 3.0.0.-beta1 thread, the new junction node has a few issues in the editing/adding wires to it

This is a request to change it from a single dot to a double dot if the issues prove too difficult to resolve

The junction node will still be far superior to having to insert a dummy function node so I think this is a good compromise

A "normal" node has two or more places you can click:
The body - which lets you drag to move the node.
The port[s] - which lets you drag to draw a wire.

But a junction only has one place to click, so currently you have to use shift or ctrl click for one operation or the other.

Is it possible for the junction to have both body and ports, but they would only be visible on mouse over or if the junction is selected?

We do already have differing appearances for some nodes selected/not selected, the link in and out for example.

Appearance when selected could be two dots as Simon suggests, but I like the idea of an inner and outer circle. cf a junction station on the London tube map.

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Here is another possible 'gotcha'

I went to try the join with this flow

and I did the shift-right click-drag across the top two wires and got this:
Screen Shot 2022-05-06 at 10.44.36 AM
and I sat scratching my head for a bit (I'm not owning up to how long!) until I realized it's 'one to many' not 'many to one'

Hopefully no one else will repeat my 'brilliant' action.

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