WIRE JUNCTIONS - not getting the results I expect

Ok, so I have some wires and want to add a junction.

I press/hold ALT and SHIFT and drag.
The wires become orange / dashed.
When I let go sometimes it junction is in a nice place.

Sometimes: It isn't.

Saying I am taking many nodes into one node.
(many to 1)

The junction appears UNDER the input point of the node into which they are all going.

If going from 1 to many:
It appears under the output of the node from which all the wires are leaving.

I run the mouse through the (approximately) middle of the wires length.
What am I doing wrong?

Do you do know that you can click on the junction and move it around....

For me it always seems to put the junction more or less where I crossed the first wire (Firefox on Windows)
What browser are you using and what platform is it running on?

Yes I know I can move it.

Just when it is so close to the other node, I sometimes have to move it to get to the junction.

Firefox Ubuntu or RasPies.

Ubuntu is the main machine.

It would be super helpful to have a screenshot so we can see the exact arrangement of wires you have - before and after.

I shall try to remember and do that.

Alas I get head down bum up writing code and forget to catch/monitor these things.

But shall really try to get more information.


Please understand this is not exactly how it normally happens.

I've been taking screen shots a lot when I am adding junctions and - of course - they are working.



Now I kind of get that this is an EXTREME example.
The other times it wasn't this tight for space.

But it is an example.

Grid size 10
Way better resolution that the nodes and their spacing.

Sorry it is so tightly cropped.
(hindsight, etc)
But you can see the space between the button and the change. (The switch is half occupying the space, so there must be room between the two nodes)


It happened again - even better!

Where I am going to put the junction. This is about where I dragged the mouse to put in the junction also.
Just so it can't be suspected I did it close the other junction.

Note how the new junction is under the other junction's input.

I think this is one to just accept as being a little bit annoying but might get improved sometime :slight_smile:

I agree.

I just wanted to put it on the table for future addressing.

I'll say it is closed/solved so as to not have it hanging around doing anything.

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