Junction node - issue with touch (iPad)

Anyone else here use NodeRED admin with iPad Pro / touch / pencil? It’s surprisingly good because you can combine the use of finger to pan around and move nodes, and pencil to do more accurate stuff, e.g. double clicking on nodes to open them.

Anyway, here’s the problem. Usually I can use my finger to connect two nodes together. It’s a bit cumbersome because your finger is kind of covering the target point whilst dragging (i.e. covering the little dot you are dragging to) but generally it’s good.

But finger drag-and-drop to connect nodes does not work with the new junction node.

Is this by design?

I made a little video to exemplify this if anyone is interested, I can post it here.

There is an open issue for this on the backlog - Junction node not working in editor on touch device · Issue #3877 · node-red/node-red · GitHub

Many thanks, apologies for not checking GitHub issues!

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