Better Smartphone support!

I followed the installation instructions to run node-red from my smartphone via Termux. In time of writing this post i am at field work (managing traffic) and i have a LOT of free time on my hand , and i one of mine clients asked me to create some flows.

While moving and editing nodes is easy, it is a pain for me to connect them together, i always end up moving the node i wish to connect or opening the circle with options, am i missing something, can someone share their experience with RED on smartphone? I realized that if i had a :mouse2: connected it would be easier.

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A bigger display :slight_smile:

Its just too fiddly to edit NR on such a small screen

Maybe a touchscreen probe would help but I've never really found them to be good enough in the past

[edit]it might be possible to hack NR to make the circles bigger - you did say you had plenty of free time..... :slight_smile: [/edit]

The position to start drawing lines seems to be quite precise indeed. What I usually do is long press / wiggle tiny bit -> if no wire, repeat. It typically takes 2-5 tries.

Having spent time last week fixing up a lot of the touch support for the 1.1.2, I'm well aware of the difficulties around wiring nodes.

Any fix is a bit more involved though as it'd require some touch-specific changes to how wiring works - the ports are simply too small to be accessible touch targets.

Keep the feedback on touch screen usage coming - as I mentioned in the 1.1.2 release post this is something I'm interested in gather more of. How quickly we're able to address it I can't say - but gathering the feedback is the first step.


Well i bought a touch pen , and so far it is possible to work, there are some bugs when typing/deleting (eg. Function node) Textbox so far works fine. And connecting nodes is possible.

You can also use a mouse connected via usb, using a OTG to usb adapter. You can also channge the sensitivity of the mouse.

Yes i know, but on this bad terrain a mouse wouldn't be very usable :grin:


I often use my thigh or torso as a mouse mat.

I also use a wireless mouse and sometimes a mini keyboad mouse combo

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Sometimes me too, but I agree with the mouse i would be more productive. And maybe a larger screen so i wouldn't have to resize the flows every time i want to deploy :grin: and it would be a solution on the go :grin: But so far i lost my job time mostly reading the documentation of the API i want to connect with.

Yes more productive, you can copy /paste, scroll, click back and type. If you add a menu bar if your device doesn't have one, then you also get access to recent screenshots and home. Also you can DLNA to larger screen if you wish.

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What make model is it - I might try one myself again

Just a simple pen with rubber head...

If you're on Android, I've noticed there's bugs with some virtual keyboards but some work flawlessly (for example Hacker's Keyboard).

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Also very keen on this, similar experience, personally using an S-Pen on Samsung note 9, it's very good for pixel perfect selecting everything except node-red :grin: where it's still very helpful but falls down on wiring.
Also found resizing and hiding side panels could be way better/easier/possible on mobile / small-medium screens.
A hint popup on how to use with touch would be appreciated too as I failed to bring up the long press menu for ages, might have been misfiring brain that day though.

@knolleary Love to help test/dev if I can be of use (not the greatest JS developer but willing and semi-able)

Thumbwheels seem to have fallen out of fashion these days but they can be much better when travelling in a bumpy environment (yes, I'm talking about you British intercity trains!).

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