How to change flows from a tablet touchscreen?

Can someone point me at the relevant documentation for changing flows from a tablet touchscreen?

I find it impossible to select a junction or draw a line to a junction from a node. There are a limited number of options if you press and hold, but nothing like a right-click on a mouse.

Google is absolutely useless for this problem - all I get is how to run node-red on Android and stuff on dashboards.

I'd be grateful for any pointers!



No pun intended eh :wink:

Can you attach a mouse (USB or Bluetooth) to get you over this hump?

Are you using latest Node-RED?

It may not act the same but in mobile view on a computer, click and hold (i.e. long finger press) seems to work fine?



Thanks for responding. I guess your fingers must have a narrower diameter to mine, because try as I might, I could not highlight a junction, nor drag a line to it! I think keeping a bluetooth trackpad nearby at all times is the answer...

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I don't have a tablet, but on my android phone I managed to insert a junction by means of a long press in a space and selecting "add" from the popup. This far it's easy.

I did manage to create a wire by first selecting it so the dots either side showed up and then repeatedly touching and dragging. I would say this part is unusable.

It can hardly be described overall as a practical user interface, but then Node-red is basically impossible on a phone based browser anyway, as the above screen capture illustrates. (You try and hide the left and right columns on a phone!)


thanks for that, yes, the long press is about as good as a right click. However, as you say, wiring a junction is just about impossible without a pointy stylus or a bluetooth mouse. Shame!


I can connect wires on my six inch phone screen. I zoom screen with two fingers and then use finger with long press and drag.

But can you connect from or to a junction? Are you using a browser to connect to node red? If so, which one?

I can not select a junction, i don't use them anyway.
As a workaround you could use change nodes with no rules added, and in appearance deselect label checkbox.

See feature request

I am confused. In this post you say:
"I can not select a junction, i don't use them anyway."

But in your other post

You say "I have no issues, can even use junction nodes if i choose to"

Which is it?

I'm not sure why you are being such an advocate for the status quo with respect to Android limitations...are you a developer for the Node Red team? If not, why not let those who are dissatisfied pursue a solution without interference?

From my perspective, I sometimes find myself with a need to make modifications to a flow with my Home Assistant setup with only an Android tablet to hand. The status quo means I always need a bluetooth mouse handy, or spend an immense amount of time learning careful manual screen techniques.

This is extremely limiting.


On this post i am referring to a touch tablet, in other an android with keyboard and mouse

I am not, the junction node issue should be fixed. On the other post I see no issue, I am just pointing out I have no issues on chrome with android.

No just do not use junction(until fixed), use a change node, you can replace the node later when on a better machine or junction issue is fixed.

Using a tablet or phone will always be limiting.

Using a tablet is the whole purpose of my post. I am aware that if I lug around a keyboard and mouse with my tablet it all works. So what?

My first line was:
"Can someone point me at the relevant documentation for changing flows from a tablet touchscreen?"

I have no issues with NR on Android except the touchscreen limitations, ok?

So you seem to be contributing under a misunderstanding.

And your second line is about junction. So i contributed an idea/workaround. I understand you have issues using touch screen and junctions, sorry my contributions seem to offend you, I will leave you to your issue.

Please lets be nice to each other in the forum thanks.

As mentioned in the other thread, the issue here isn't about desire, it is about resources to make changes. I'm sure we would all like to see improvements to the Editor in terms of touch and if someone has both the skills and the time to have a go, this is generally much appreciated by all.

Unfortunately, tablet and phone use of the Editor has always been a lower priority since it is a minority use case - though that may be a bit of a chicken and egg problem?

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I agree, I'm not trying to offend anyone, just a little frustrated about the misunderstanding. If it came off as offensive, I apologise.


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