Adjustable ui timer

for the love of god would somebody please help me implement something similar to this on HA. im lost once i get to the point where it goes on about creating a .py file for python script entities. How do i do that? The HA website is pretty vague and so are these instructions. have managed to get the timer gui on HA but there are obviously no entities so its no good if it doent work now is it... im pretty fresh to this stuff so be nice lol


I haven't opened the link yet, but looking at it:

bookface (Sorry. Facebook)

I usually can't access those sites as I haven't got an account.

Ok, I can open it.

Looking at the top of the link/page/what ever.....


How about something like this:


Though not exactly what you want, it offers 7 day schedule and settings through the day.

So the facebook link turns out to be an outgoing link to the following topic.

You don’t in Node-RED and this is the Node-RED forum. So are you trying to do this in Node-RED or in HA?