ADS Client connection to Twincat 3

Dear All,

Hi, I am trying to stablish a connection between Beckhoff PLC and node red! I followed the instructure
written here but I couldn't succeed!

I would appreciate it if you help me to know what is missed in configuration!

First thing that stands out for me is/are the TWO DIFFERENT IP ADDRESSES!

In the right it is yet in the node it is 140.x.x.x

(It would make people lives easier if you posted the outputs rather than screen shots)

Hi, Thanks for your reply,

this is the output :ClientException: Connection to failed - socket ended by remote

Twincat 3 is running on my PC localy and AMS NetId is :

You need to confirm that the server is running on port 48898.

Have you gone through all the stuff here:

Because if not I fear that is not helping as you are accessing localhost.

Dear @Trying_to_learn ,

Thanks alot, I just followed the instructure and test it. Now communication is working!
Once again thank you for your support.

(Wow! I know something.)

No problems.
Glad I could help.

(I understand that sometimes you can sometimes miss things and don't see it until someone else mentions it.)

Actually, I never thought that it might be due to the
version of Twincat 3!

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