ADS Connection to Twincat 2 from Node Red Docker


this ar my first steps with node-red.
I´ll try to connect my CX9020 (twincat 2 V2.11 B2306) to node-red, which is installed on my qnap nas in a docker container. I installed the node-red-contrib-ads.
I can´t connect with the issue. "Error on connect: check target NetId or routing".

ok, i know that i have to add a route between my cx and node-red. But i´m confused about the AmsNet ID of Node-red which i have to type in the static route on my cx.

Here is my nework config:

I think that the IP is right and so the ams net id is, but it doesn´t work..

This are my Settings in node-red.

can someone please help me?




i solved the problem.
I installed node-red on my local pc to test the connection with a known ams net id.
The connection works perfect. And since this time the connection from my docker node red is also ok.

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