After updating pallette nodes are unknown

I have many flows running to alert customers of major alarms. I have updated the pallette and now it has dropped off the email nodes on all 14 flows.

Is there a way to restore all the nodes to before I updated them this is critical now as its at an ammonia plant.


Install (or update it) the email node from the palette. Things should simply pick up.

Also restart node-red if you have not already.

If Steve's suggestion does not work then what exactly do you mean by updated the palette?

Hi Steve,

The problem is that it showed installed and only had the one e-mail node in the node tray. It wouldnt allow me to unistall it either.

@Colin in the pallette manager I clicked update e-mail node and after that all the e-mail nodes that I used looked missing like in the picture. After searching and checking logs it seemed that the e-mail node was not compatible with my NR version. The node would not fully load on Node-red startup

I had the following
Node-Red 1.1.3
Nodejs V12.18
NPM V6.something

I updated it to
Node-Red 3.0.2
Nodejs V18.15
NPM V9.5.0

This solved the problem and all the nodes for Node-Red-Email could start.

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