Alarm clock with weekly function

I want an alarm clock control in which one should set the time and the days at which the alarm should ring. The weekdays should be switched on by dashboard switch. And the time should be specified via a text input, switched to input time. I have no idea how to realize it, so I need ideas in the best case even examples.

This is achievable by using (shameless plug) node-red-contrib-cron-plus. It's in the pallete manager

It accepts Cron syntax (for repeating type schedules, any repeating format you can imagine) and dates (for one offs). They can be sent pause and start control messages to enable/disable etc. The node can be queried to list out all current schedules and you get human readable values like "every 3rd day at 12pm" and "in 4 hours and 32 minutes"

All of this can be achieved by sending control payloads into the cronplus node.

So it's possible to put together a dashboard that lets you program schedules.