Alexa chrome cast from pc by voice

I need some help with a new setup I just installed.

My wife is disabled with a condition that is eased by the whirlpool spa bath we have. She needs to spend quite a long time to get any real benefit. The bath has a voice controlled temp control allowing her to spend as much time as she likes and the water will stay at her favourite temp.

To keep her entertained I have put a waterproof 12v hd lcd tv in the bathroom. The only input I currently have connected is a google chrome cast. This works great apart from the pc from where the source of the casting is coming from is downstairs and I dont want pc anywhere near bathroom.

Ideally i would like to use alexa (i have a dot in the bathroom) to be able to by voice do youtube searches and plex casting by asking alexa to control the pc.

Something like asking alexa to search youtube for a certain subject then play video 2 or whatever from the bathroom. This in turn control the pc to play the video of interest from the pc.

I have made a sensor via hardhill that is triggered by voice that turns on the cast ability. What i am stuck with is getting alexa to insert the search criteria in youtube by voice and anything else really after.

I need a way of alexa adding voice data revieved into the search box of you tube. Then controlling play pause next etc from alexa afterwards.

Is this possible. I am currently doing a crash course on eventghost to see if the software can be used to help with any of the pc automation. Still not sure if this will help.

Any ideas help or flows greatly appreciatted


Anyone who is interested in doing something similar I have found the perfect solution.

An Alexa skill called Vicki. This really is everything I needed and more. Its given me more ideas and possibilities. The most surprising part is its a node.js javascript skill with no limitations on editing existing scripts and creating your own with node red integration.
Its early days but already got the casting sorted. Looking into creating a script to cast within vicki instead of using a flow with the cast node. Then i will start on the plex side, which i have just learnt has its own skill and may have its own seperate voice integration add on set up. How good it is I will find out when i get to it.

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