Razer Studio/synapse with Node-Red - Help?

Hi guys!

I am breaking my head, I made the whole Home Automation project based on this: be able to control the lights of my pc rig with an assistant (for the moment I have only Google, but planning to get an Echo because of this mess lol).

The layout is simple: create a route in google, that calls an object (a Nora switch probably) that triggers light on/off call service on Home Assistant and also shut down or enable the razer lights on my pc. For that i found out that the Synapse 3 supports Alexa skills, so that is good! but i am unable to find a way to use Alexa from node-red (i was able to do the oposite, call services from alexa with alexa-home-skill palette).

Does anybody has a tip that i can use? or maybe other way to control the pc lights?


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