This really sounds interesting...
Could this be closing the loop for audio feedback via Alexa??
Has anyone tried this?

Thank you for pointing this out! I've been using openhab to proxy all of my text to speech events to echos throughout the house and it looks like this may allow for it to be done with fewer pieces!

out of curiosity...did you try it? working?

I couldn't ever get it working. Got the "no JSON" error as seen in . Will probably revisit it when I have more time, but other projects have priority for the moment.

sorry for digging up this old one..

I installed it now and it works quite nicely I have to say

Did anyone else try it? I'm particularly interested in playing a sound file...

I tried SSML but it seems that the internal soundlib for example:

doesn't work this way...

nevermind...just read that it is a bug in the node...


I am trying to install this node, but I am no able to open the Amazon page through the 3456 port.

Do I need to change something in my raspberry pi, in order to alow the acesa from a browser on another machine ?

Thank you