[ANNOUNCE] @sammachin/node-red-alexa-voice-service

Over the holidays I did a big rewrite of an old project to interact with the Alexa Voice Service, the API which powers the audio side of Echo Devices.

I've now packaged this up into a node so you can create you own alexa enabled flows and devices, you can ask Alexa to do things using either Mic input, pre-recorded audio or the output of a text to speech node like Polly TTS.
This opens up interesting possibilities for use cases such as automated testing of alexa skills.
There's a couple of examples in the package for how to use it with the Dashboard Nodes or with pre-recorded audio.

You will need to register as an AVS developer and create your own oAuth flow to get an access token, although there is an example included.

I'm going to try it out on a Raspberry Pi next with a hardware GPIO button to control the microphone.