Node-RED Alexa Connector

Hi Everyone,

We are excited to announce the general availability of our project, the Node-RED Alexa Connector. The Alexa Skill and Node-RED Integration that allows advanced handling of voice interactions from your Alexa Device inside your Node-RED Flows.

You get to inspect the incoming Alexa voice requests and generate your own customized responses.

This Alexa Skill was developed out of a specific frustration: The inability to automate things outside of Alexa's walled garden of compatibility. Node-RED was a perfect fit for this type of automation and we have built in a large list of generic voice interactions that cover a wide range of voice automation scenarios (not just devices and light bulbs!).

Its still early days for the platform. As these things go its important to get a MVP out to our wider audience to help find bugs, major missing functionality, needed documentation, and gauge the interest and direction of the future of the project.

We are aiming for tight community involvement. There is much to do but if you have questions or suggestions please reach out via one of our Support Channels.


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