Alexa compatible motion sensor emulation

I need to expose signals from node to Alexa as motion sensors.
been looking for a node, but can't find anything.

anyone with ideas?



What do you mean expose to Alexa? There is a notification skill if you want Alexa notifications.

See Useful Skill for Alexa custom notifications

Yes, but the only way to make her talk is to use motion sensors. I need some kind of node to do that. Otherwise it will only hang there with yellow light.

I think you need to explain yourself a bit more. I for one have no idea what you are trying to do.

Do you mean you have a motion sensor that when it is triggered you want to send something to Alexa or do you have a motion sensor connected to Alexa and you want to send something to NR when it is activated?

not exactly.
Alexa only supports motion sensors as triggers of notifications.
I am looking for node that emulates it.

There are many ways to use a motion sensor in node-red just do a google search 'node-red motion sensor' then you just need a way to talk to alexa and tere is a node node-red-contrib-alexa-notifyme that might suit your needs.

Not exactly.
Notifyme will not speak. It puts message in the queue and activates yellow light.
The only way to achieve this is to use routines that are only compatible with motion sensors.

see, you still haven't clarrified what you are trying to do. Please provide a step by step description of what you want to happen, something like

  1. a person walks toward the partillay open door
  2. the person opens te door and walks in
  3. the bucket of water ontop of the door tips over on the person
  4. the person gets soaked with water and goes looking for the prankster

Just want to trigger emulated motion sensor.
The previous actions are irrelevant.
My original question was if such note exists that would emulate motion sensor for Alexa.

After 2 days of unsuccessful digging I am now on the right track.
Thank you for the input.

Please post your solution here so that anyone else looking for someting like this wil be helped out.

@cismarine, did you ever find a solution? I wouldn't mind doing the same thing as I currently just use the notify me skill.

Sorry for late reply.
I've been snowed over with work.
The solution is quite simple... contrib-alexa-remote2
You can trigger static messages which is fine, but now I am looking further... to integrate OpenCV and make the messages dynamic.