Alexa event node not firing reliably any more

I am using the node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2-applestrudel palette 5.0.27. This has been working reliably for ages. Lately I noticed I had to say voice commands, which I intercept via the alexa event node and process in NR, I have to repeat multiple times before they trigger. I thought it was the usual alexa trouble. But after investigating a little, it seems there is a problem. My account is initialised, and the alexa event node says listening. So far so good. But quite often, when I say 'Alexa', it does not change to the green 'event fired' under the node. So then there is no output from that node. I can hear the custom Alexa response I have set in the Alexa app - routines, so she heard and understood it, but its not triggering the alexa event node. This is not all the time. If I try multiple times, eventually the event node fires, and triggers the flows.

Same problem here .....

(reporting the error here also: Issues · bbindreiter/node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2-applestrudel · GitHub)

I have also just reported this issue on github, I couldnt see yours

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