Alexa-remote-event <<< not working

I've been using alexa-remote-event from node-red-contrib-alexa-remote-fork to listen to responses from Alexa. It's been working fine for months but today it just seems to ignore the verbal responses.

Has anyone else encountered this??

Screen Shot 06-27-21 at 01.10 PM

Would it be worth swapping over to alexa-remote2-applestrudel as that seems a more recent release??

Just went to try mine and it's not picking up what I say but is speaking which is the complete reversal of its standard faulty mode :slight_smile:

From my logs, looks like it stopped outputting after Friday 21:00 UTC last night

I'm on a slightly patched original remote2

stop/restarting NR has made no diff

Thanks Simon for your feedback - as least it confirms I'm not going crazy!!!

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Hi Steff,
Thanks for the heads-up on that.
I hope it gets fixed soon as I'm working on creating a project using Alexa for my IoT students.

Really glad to know I'm not the only one experiencing this issue. I'll be following the thread on GitHub- thanks for flagging that!

applestrudel update is out

I'm having to update my node,js version as the main node Apollon77/alexa-remote doesn't support V10 anymore

Thanks Simon @cymplecy ,
I can report I've installed AppleStrudel and can (thankfully) capture verbal responses from Alexa again.

After update it "did" work a few times but seems broken again :pleading_face:

Still working for me here in the UK.

Just rebooted my pi4 and working again, will have to see how it goes :wink:

Fingers crossed for you.

looks like reboot broke influxdb, the joys of computing ..........

After 24 hours of fiddling around - finally got applestrudel installed (on its own without any legacy nodes getting installed/re-installed) and NR can now hear Alexa commands again :slight_smile:

Of course, now that I've got it listening again - I've got the old problem of it's not speaking to me :slight_smile:

Well - simple press of my initiliase inject and it's speaking to me :slight_smile:

but ... :slight_smile:

it seems like the message structure has changed

I start my processing using

and there is no payload.activity status object anymore in the message :frowning:

(This is with saying "Alexa, Simon says test")


So I'll need to investigate what I need to do

I've removed the if test and all seems OK :slight_smile:

I've managed to get my flow working again with the updated Alexa (applestrudel) node.

Here's what the code looks like in the function node 'Capture question'.

var device_name =;
var summary = msg.payload.description.summary;

 if ((summary != "alexa") && (summary != "")) {
    msg.payload = {};

    msg = {
        topic: "Alexa_response",
        device_name: device_name,
        payload: {
            "summary": summary
    node.status({text:"Device_name is "+ device_name + " Summary = " + summary});
    return msg;
else {
    return null;

Yep - I do the same

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