Alexa-Remote2 activity - how to identify the device being controlled

Apologies if this has been asked but I couldn't find anything on it here.

I can't find out whether remote 2 can report to node red when I change a device by voice command. Eg 'Alexa turn on hall picture rail'. I get a device activity report but can't find the 'lights' device identity anywhere in it. I can see it was a turnon intent - but not which device was turned on.

At the moment I am using a mix of alexa home skill to control devices and remote2 only for more complex voice acknowledgments. This does work but is messy to configure.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

This doesn't answer your questions but there have been lots of reports of the alexa2-remote no longer working.

The forked alternative:

Thanks. I'm using the cakebaked fork of remote2 and that works perfectly as far as I have tried to date. When I ask alexa to control a device via alexa home skill or directly (philips hue) she obeys. I see a notification via remote2 but I can't find anyway of identifying which lighting device it was.

I can do most things I need with alexa and node red but not in a joined up way as I use different packages to do different parts of the task. They all seem to have some advantages and some big gaps.

a) Alexa home skill. Hardill. Uses V2 API. works very well but is slightly limited on functionality. No TTS, no way of telling which Alexa triggered the device. Has limited configurable text response on some intents - such as setting a thermostat.

b) Alexa smart home v3. Slightly cleaner to setup and use but I coudln't see any way of configuring speech responses.

c) Remote2 (cakebaked). No way of creating devices and no way of observing when devices are operated outside of node red - as far as I can tell. Very good for routines and node red triggered speech though.

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