Alternative suggestion for Alexa alexa-remote2 issues

Just to say, that when I started off with Alexa and Node-RED, I used (and still do) @hardillb node-red-contrib-home-skill

When remote2 came along - it was a more flexible and I then used it for new routines

But since the remote2 device activity issues have become more prevalent, I've invested a bit more time with Ben's solution (which has been rock-sold for a long time)

There are of course, many ways to interface with Alexa (Blueprint skills for instance) but Ben's solution is an easy way of interfacing to Alexa - I find Blueprint skills a bit more of a faff personally

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Shush we don't want everyone using it :wink:

Unfortunately it doesn't offer the device activity, nor the name of the device that triggers the message.

I've been using it since "Then". As you say, rock solid.