All Short Cut Key Unassigned not working

I am Un-assigning the keyboard short cut fields but somehow when i reload the url then it again comes as assigned. My end goal is to disable all shortcut keys. Please see the screen shot.
In 1st Screen shot i am unassigning short cut key and in 2nd screen shot when i load the url it is appearing as an assigned.



Which version of node red are you using and is there anything unusual about the install (docket for example).
Do you see any errors in the browser developer console?

I am using "version": "1.0.6" of node red and i have created image of node red using docker and hosted it on azure kubernetes. No error is coming in browser developer console.

All other shortcutkeys i am able to unassigned rather than "Delete Config Selection","Show Dashboard","Select All Config Nodes".

It is like when i unassign all the 3 keys above and then i reload the url then again this 3 keys become assigned.

Yes, you are right, the Show Dashboard shortcut (Ctrl-Shift-D) enables itself again (using node-red 1.2.2). I didn't test the others. I suggest opening an issue for it.

@knolleary @Colin s there anywhere in the code we can unassigned this short cut keys by programing rather than going on menu an manually doing unassigned?

@dhpatel177 the 1.2.5 release fixes the issue you originally reported about custom keyboard shortcuts being reset.

You can set a user's custom keyboard shortcut for any action using:

RED.keyboard.add(scope, "" , actionName,true);

You can get a full list of the available actions (and their scope) using RED.actions.list()

in which file i can add following code :

RED.keyboard.add(scope, "" , actionName,true);

and what should i write to make all the shortcut key unassigned by default?



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