All tab titles or icons always visible

Hi guys,

How to make all tabs titles or at least tab icons visible all times?
It’s annoying to click 3-line menu button every time the tab switch is required.

And related question: Is there a keyboard shortcut to switch between tabs?

Thank you!

No simple way i’m afraid. On touch devices you can enable swipe left or right.
You can also create some buttons and use a ui_control node and inject with either +1 or -1 to go to next or previous

That’s pretty cool and good enough. Thank you.
Details (for other newbie like me):

  1. Add 3 UI button nodes to the flow.

  2. Add 1 ui_control node to the flow.

  3. Wire buttons out to ui_control in.

  4. Enter each button and type following into each field of each button accordingly:
    Common properties.

    Group --> Choose Buttons group (if not existing, create Buttons group per each tab).
    Size --> 1x1

Leave other field empty except following:
For Next button:

Icon --> arrow_forward
Payload --> type String, value: +1
Name --> Next

For Previous button:

Icon --> arrow_back
Payload --> type String, value: -1
Name --> prev

For refresh button:

Icon --> arrow_forward
Payload --> type String, value: ""
Name --> refresh
  1. Deploy and have fun. Repeat for other tabs.

This is better solution and exactly what was needed: all the controls can be placed in the top bar.