All the display in Dashboard gone

I download the sample to test the jump Tab 1 and Tab 2.
Everything fine.
After I adding a Table as Tab 3 and adjust the Tab 3 layout, the dashboard no longer display
Tab 1 & Tab 2 selection. It only show Tab 3 table.
After I delete the Table and deploy, then the dashboard is empty.
The Tab 1 and Tab 2 item not show.
What mistake I make?
Actually I want to create a Table 1 in Tab 1, Table 2 in Tab 2, Table 3 in Tab 3.
How to do that? Anyone got some sample?

I had try to delete the ui_base because the Tab 3 look like replace the ui_base.
How to get back the ui_base? I deploy and not show up anymore.

Nodered version v3.1.7
Node.js version v20.11.1
dashboard version 3.6.5

Ok, I'm not quite understanding everything, but let's try to work something out.

Can you get things working again with just the same/test with the tab 1 and tab 2?

If so: good.

Do as you did before and set up the table.
DEPLOY it and when you are looking at the table:

Top right corner of the dashboard (screen) you should see the burger icon (3 lines on top of one another looking like a burger.

This guy.
Screenshot from 2024-04-27 11-00-55

Click on it and you should get a list of all 3 tabs.

Let us know how you go with that.

The burger icon missing after I deploy the table dashboard.
Before adding the table, the burger icon function normally. Can choose Tab 1 and Tab 2.
After add Table in Tab 1 no more burger icon. Only show Tab 1.
Delete the table and deploy, no more dashboad icon display.

Before adding table

after adding Table

tab 1 and tab 2 missing

This is the setting

I find out that is all Tab is table then ok. But if I add a new Tab for gauge, it won't display at the Tab column for selection. Anyone know what mistake I make?

My file at the below download link.

Ok, so in the EDIT window where you are making these things....

Screenshot from 2024-04-27 12-52-14

What is set there?


Screenshot from 2024-04-27 12-52-20

Oh, and just to let you know:
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How exactly are you disabling it?

I fear there is more happening here than you are saying.

(Not a problem, but it isn't helping)

There is no "burger" menu in that screen shot either ?

I also see you have some ui-control nodes to hide tabs, are you sure that you haven't accidently hidden the other tabs ?

In the 2nd screen shot you can see that you are on tab 0 in the web address.

You could try disabling the ui-control nodes and restart NR to see if your tabs come back :wink:

It may also help if you can tell which version of NR you have.
The machine on which you are running it.
The version of the dashboard.

Nodered version v3.1.7
Node.js version v20.11.1
dashboard version 3.6.5

Anyone got the solution? After add in table the Tab missing. Only show table. Other Tab for Gauge, text all cannot show. After delete the table and deploy, the dashboard show nothing, request to add UI node.
After delete the table, I had compare previous running ok without table flow.json file with after add in table and remove table flow.json file. both file is same. But after delete the table no more UI node display in dashboard.

Ok, I can understand the top part of the flow shown on the EDIT screen.

What is the show / hide tab 1 bit all about?

You have a button and straight after a switch node.

The button can only send ONE THING. It can't change so I am confused what the switch is doing.

What happens if you click on the Group 1 button above the table as shown in the last picture of the dashboard with the table showing? OK, there are more pictures after it.
(Doing catch up with what you posted since)

(Disclaimer - I haven't got your flow. Not keen on loading foreign flows.)

You will have to examine some settings more than you have already.

All working, look at the dashboard settings and see if the Always show side menu setting is.

Then, break it and check if that setting has changed.

There is 3 options.

If it changes to ..... Oh, ok. Maybe not.

(To anyone else)

Is there a way to disable access to the tab menu?

But I feel SOMETHING is changing and you need to find what it is.