Always indicate "stopped" for my remote-access node


I've used Remote-red some time ago and it was fine. However, today I want to use again, I find that the remote-access node always showing "stopped". I've already udpated the latest version of this node. However, it fails, no matter I choose the US or Europe servers. Can anyone help?
I've attached the messages in node-red console and my node configuration.


Remote-red is a commercial offering (and afaik, not open source?). You might get lucky if they frequent this forum or another forum member uses this product & can advise. You may need to contact them (contact details are on this page Legal Notice - Remote-RED)

As mentioned by Steve above, this isn't a product that many here will be using.
but as a hint - it seems it cant find the ssh executable.

ssh process error:Error: spawn ssh ENOENT

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