Node Red crashed

Hello all,
a small or big problem.
I have installed a package under NodeRed. After that the porgram is crashed and is no longer reachable under the IP:1880. Also the dashboard is not.
Is it still possible to save the flows or the program?

Yes, you can start in safe mode which will not start any of the flows and you should be able to remove the offending node.

how can i do this?

Start node-RED at a cmd prompt using the command node-red --safe


The Node-RED documentation tells all :grin:

EDIT by Paul - see Running Node-RED locally : Node-RED


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but so I can only start local node red in safe mode?
The node red runs on a PI and I can no longer reach it via the IP.
How can I start node red in safe mode there?

Can you SSH into the remote machine?

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mit Windows und Putty erhalte ich immer: remote side unexpectedly closed network connection und beim Mac Ć¼ber Terminal erhalte ich: Connection closed by [SERVER_IP]

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