Node-red remote access is not connecting

install node-red-contrib-remote from manage pallet and did basic setting but it is not connecting with the network, i have seen on my command prompt that node-red-contrib-remote when i start flows see pic for reference!

by default Node-RED uses plain http - unless you have configured up https yourself - in which case you would probably select a different port to 1880.

I have changed https to http and deploy but not solved, is there any other thing i can try

sorry - I have never used that node so can't help further.

Is ssh installed?

no, but how to check if it installed or not

On a linux system then which ssh will tell you. I don't see any mention of requiring ssh and/or openssh-server to be installed in the readme, but it is clear that it uses ssh to perform its functions. I suggest asking on the node's github page.

i am using windows

Can't help with this then. As I said it seems the readme is lacking as it doesn't mention ssh so ask on the node's github page.

i have install ssh and now ssh is runing and remote access is not showing stoped but now it is showing serving instead of online

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