[Announce] Dashboard version 2.29.0

One tiny change for this release - but I wanted to get it out there.

As you know we are currently working towards Node-RED v2 - which will mainly drop support for Node 8 and 10. To go with that we will also release Dashboard 3.0 which will have no significant changes apart from bumping up socket.io (and maybe some other libs) to drop node 8 (and 10) support - which will make @kevinGodell happy :slight_smile:

2.29.0: Milestone Release


  • Allow incoming msg.meta from UI. PR #690

That relevant PR with more details is here here Update ui.js by ebertech · Pull Request #690 · node-red/node-red-dashboard · GitHub


Cool, was the transition to the new socket.io easy? Any issues you found? I need to update uibuilder as well.

Haven't done it yet :slight_smile: next on the list.

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Thats great. Seems like I still have time to clean up and get ready to publish my node that use dashboard as a dependency.

Will 2.29 be the last planned minor version before rolling the major to 3.0?

Yes, planned being the key word there.

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