[Announce] node-red-contrib-boolean-logic-ultimate

Enhanced boolean logic with persistent values after reboot and more.
Now with Interrupt flow node.


@Supergiovane we have a ongoing thread about node's saving their own data to persist reboots etc - âť“ DISCUSSION: Should nodes save/restore their own context? where we've been discussing saving the data using node-RED's contextStorage, and we now have two working examples of how that can be achieved - node-red-contrib-state-trail and node-red-contrib-simple-gate which are working well, and hold promise for further development options.

I see that your node does not use contextStorage, but instead saves it as a json file synchronously to a folder - ~/states.
Although it functions fine, I just worry that if other nodes followed this model instead of using contextStorage, we could potentially end up with node data being scattered around the filesystem, which would not be good.

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Thank you Paul to point me out this.
I’ll check it. :wink:

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