[Announce] node-red-contrib-ui-value-trail

Little addition to dashboard widgets. Lightweight history line to be presented near some measured value field or gauge.


Sparklines!!! Thank you!!

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Nice widget. Very useful.

being really picky :slight_smile: could the height of the Line colour row be fixed so it doesn't bounce when the colour chooser gets added ?
Also the number of units could be a spinner to help force max and min.
Finally the use of the pre in info make the text spill off the side


But yes - like it, using it.

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Thank you @dceejay. I will work on those details next week. There is more. Some typos and stuff. But glad to hear it turned out useful thing over all. :upside_down_face:

And a little request @dceejay for you, can you please add it also to the collection of dashboard extra nodes https://flows.nodered.org/collection/590bc13ff3a5f005c7d2189bbb563976

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Update: v0.1.3

  • Added option to change width of the line (feature request)

  • fixed position calculations to fill whole area correctly