Any way to reference font-awesome locally

Hi all,
I have a new Dev machine, running V1.2.6 (I know it's old but prod is the same). For some reason the dev machine doesn't have access to font-awesome (even though prod does).
This seems to provide a funky node-red editor without buttons.
and when editing a subflow

Is there any way to package font-awesome on this machine to make it work? (the NR editor will only be accessed from the host machine).

  1. Try a hard refresh on the browser.

  2. Check the browsers devtools

    • check the console tab for errors
    • check the netwrok tab for failed requests
  3. Failing that, something about the install is broken

I strongly recommend that you upgrade both.

Looks like a re-install fixed the issue.
Always awkward doing an install for an off-line computer.

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