Apple TV Node - Reinstall ed25519

I'm trying to get the Contrib Apple TV node to work. It won't install and there are error messages in the log which mention ed25519. The documentation for the node says:

"If you're having trouble with ed25519, mdns, or sodium, re-install them in the root folder of your node-red, ensuring you've installed all the packages listed above"

Can anyone tell me how to do this, or does anyone have any other suggestions?


Did you look at the documentation on the flow page for the node?

Yes. The text I quoted above was the most relevant thing I could find. I edited my original post to be a little more clear.


Did you read the section Installation on Raspberry pi?

Though I shold ask what platform are you running NR on?

I did, and followed the instructions there.

And you installed openssl?

What are the errors you are seeing?

I installed openssl, I think. I used the commands listed in the node documentation and it all appeared to work. Here is a link to the log file:
log file.


What version of Raspbian are you using? I notice the node's author says he only tested it with stretch.

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