Application Monitoring

Hi everyone,
I need a monitoring application for my Node-red.
I have tried Stackify and Newrelic but am having trouble configuring as I don't understand how Node-red is built. For example, when trying to access log files or add custom database such as sqlite I am struggling as to where to implement this. As it gives me some of the javascript code but unsure as to where it goes and if it is formatted right. I had to add the modules for stackify to the globalcontext in setting.js file but this is as far as I got. Using stackify:require('stackify-node-apm').
Has anyone had similar issues with the two of these?

Or can suggest a better apm??

I really want something that will be able to tell me why some pages are slow and which specific module is causing it within a flow.

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Node-RED doesn't really give you fine-grained visibility into performance I'm afraid. Unless you build in some metrics to your flow, it isn't really going to expose anything that you can use.

You could have tests that remotely check page loads for individual pages - depending on the type of pages you have and the type of security.

You can also monitor the server performance which is a good thing to do as it tells you if the server itself is having issues (paging, network or disk issues, etc). I do that via Telegraf, InfluxDB and Grafana. But you may have other tools available.

If you are having performance issues with specific pages, the first thing I would do is to go through those and find out where they may be slow. Depending on the design, you may find it helpful to use a reverse proxy web server to front Node-RED. That should be able to cache a lot of resources. It can also let you take some load off Node-RED by handling any identity and access management including TLS termination.

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Thank you!