Are the pitft nodes dead?

Having recently acquired a pi with the Adafruit pitft board, I was going to have a play with the node-red-contrib-pitft and node-red-contrib-pitft-touch.

However I can't get a successful install for either of them. I noticed that these are pretty old nodes with very little information on them.

Does this mean they are effectively dead or am I doing something wrong.

Is there any alternative to them?


just because they haven’t been updated in a while doesn’t mean they shouldn’t work, although they are quite niche.

if you can’t get them to work I would suggest finding the nodes in and following the links to github where you can open an issue that will be sent to the author.

I also try to download this node but it doesn't work in any way. "node-red-contrib-pitft-touch" is downloadeble but "node-red-contrib-pitft" isn't.

It seems like an easy tool to use. Do I have to set or install anything to make this work?

As for node-red-contrib-pitft, it looks like the repository was taken down on GitHub so it no longer exists.

And the author of node-red-contrib-pitft-touch was last active on GitHub in August 2017 so I wouldn't look for much support if the node doesn't work...

Looks like your only path would be to clone node-red-contrib-pitft-touch and see if you could fix it.

Thank you for your reply. I am no programmer that is wy I use Node-red. I have 8 different photos that I want to see on the screen and I want to control them separately. For example with 1 I want to see photo 1 and with a 2 photo 2. I connected a “D02 1.8 inch TFT LCD Module Lcd-scherm SPI seriële 51 drivers 4 IO driver TFT Resolutie 128*160 1.8 inch TFT interface” display. I had thought to download the Node pitft and secretly hoped to be able to set a file location in this Node. Call a number or a name and you're done. Unfortunately hope make you dream. I can also connect a sd card to this screen and put the images on it, will that be easier?

Does anyone have experience with a tft display controlled from node-red?