Automatically create instance of UI?

Even if it's possible, it may be beyond my abilities but I figured I would ask anyway.

The top portion of the flow would be deployed to any asset I want to monitor. The lower portion is where I really need help. As you can see I'm subscribed to a root topic and a wildcard. I want to take each subroot of the subscription and create an instance of the UI nodes for that device automatically.

Is this even possible?

Not with the current dashboard no - there is a one to one correspondence between a node in the editor and a widget on the screen...

So I should just generalize the nodes as much as possible and maybe use two levels of switch notes, the first to separate out the hosts and the cut and paste the 2nd one and child nodes.

It depends how you want to display the data - You could have some selector and switch between topics and re-use the widgets as-is (ie only on the one page) - or you could cut/paste and create a tab/page view per topic instead...

I've basically set it up as a vertical "tile" and should be able to fit at least 5 hosts in one display.

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Would making the UI portion a subflow help in any way?

not with the current dashboard/editor no - as it has no way of knowing which instance is which.

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