Azure IoT Hub - not working and cannot update

I'm a bit stuck here and would appreciate any help that I can get. I simply cannot send data up to Azure - even using the standard example found here:

I copy the example code into NR and paste the connection string - primary key, which I copy directly from Azure. I deploy the code in NR. If I deploy again, I encounter a Disconnected icon below the Azure IoT Hub node.

I do notice that there is an update available for this node- but I cannot find how to install it

i’m guessing you installed it using the command line? and either used sudo or -g

Easiest way is probably to try to delete it and then reinstall it using the option in node-red

I’m using a gateway manufactured by Hilscher which does not let me run CLI on the operating system:

is there a way to run CLI within node red? I cannot for the life of me find it.

i’d ask them how they installed it then.