Bacnet node help

regarding this node

Im trying to set up a device that will send some values to bacnet points in a remote device.

I know enough about bacnet, but cant really get my head around setting it up with this node in node red.

I cant find much info about the node so I'm struggling to get anything but errors.

Does anyone know of any guides or if you have set up a device ok can you give me some pointers on the following.

Heres my scenario,

remote device details
IP network - 1
device instance - 1001
analogue value instance - 1

I keep getting the error from the bacnet write module
'Error: Cannot encode a value if the type has not been specified'

but whatever I change the error stays the same so Im stuck.

Im currently running a virtual bacnet device on my laptop and node red running on a raspberry pi.

Just need more details on what the parameters in the write module are. I think they all make sense so I dont know where im going wrong. Also using the function module before it but the parameter naming doesnt all seem self explanatory in there.


I'm also trying this palette, setting the values in the module directly, it works for me! but you have to be careful with the type App-Tag, which you can also check in the Yabe application, in my case (numeric value) is 4.
Instead I can't pass the value to it from another node via payload... :frowning:

bye bye

P.S.: Here the use of Yabe for the App-Tag is explained BACnet Write node test · Issue #6 · BiancoRoyal/node-red-contrib-bacnet · GitHub

its still not making much sense to me. in the write node, there are two properties, device and client. It seems obvious that the device is the IP of the remote device youre trying to talk to, but how should client be set up? and what does it mean, how the the remote device not be the client?

Im trying again with yabe and cant get the read node to work either. the only thing that doesnt give me an error is the who is message, but it also just returns an array of 0, so I cant see that its actually doing anything seeing as yabe returns all available bacnet devices running on my laptop, but the node isnt returning anything while running on the same network.

Im also assuming that the bacnet node, doesnt actually set up the pi as a bacnet device, I havent seen where you set up and required bacnet parameters, so have I missed something important here?


The Client box is confusing at best but I finally figured out through trial and error that this is where you setup your device to speak BacNet.

Interface = Your Local IP Address of the device running Node-Red
Broadcast = Your local broadcast address, most likely
Port = Your BacNet UDP port, most likely 47808
apdu timeout = 6000

I'm super new to Node-Red but I hope this helps.

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