Bareboat Necessities

Has anyone had a look at this project? It's a monster, and overkill for anything I would ever do, but it does have embedded Node-RED.

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Looks great - now if someone wants to buy/lend me a suitable boat so that I can test it .... ?


NodeRed fits marine applications in BBN OS quite fine actually. People do use it on boats.
There is a somewhat lack of pre canned flows and solutions though.

Welcome to the Forum, @mgrouch.

The BBN project is truly impressive. I get the impression (with no boat to test with, at the moment) that Node-RED can play a role in BBN OS like the one it has in Home Assistant -- easily coded and flexible "glue" to connect events, data and logic in other parts of the software.

I'd be happy to develop some - see my previous post :rofl:


Alerts about different situations on a boat would be useful. There are NMEA or SignalK or Victron nodes. They provide feed of data. All those technologies are used on boats.
Some sound alert. Possibly text to speech.
About many situations on a boat.
Low depth, collision course with another boat, anchor alarm (anchor dragging), detecting fog conditions, barometer drops constantly and captain needs to be alerted.
Turn on navigation lights after dawn, when underway. High water in bilge. There is just so many. Way more than in a car.

This just alerts. Node Red has dashboards too.

And add automation to it. Every boat is somehow different though.

When I saw "Bareboat" I envisaged a coracle. Not much scope for computers there!

In my limited maritime experience the Captain assigns these menial duties to the crew to ensure they are too tired to mutiny. Also pulling on ropes for no apparent reason.


Plenty of people live on their boats. It’s their home. Could be their only home.
Some sail single handed, taking cat naps. So they do need alarms to wake them up.

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