Best doorlock to be used with Node Red?

Hello everyone,

i'm about to replace my frontdoor and now looking for a good smartlock so I can implement all the fancy automations with Node-Red.

  • my preference would be a zigbee based product as I already have lots of these devices
  • I'm looking for fingerprint reader as this appears to be the most convenient method

Which door lock can you recommend?

What is your experience with door-locks and door automations?

I have just helped a friend out with a Yale smartlock.

A couple of things with that - but that also struck me at the time

  1. Fingerprints (or something physical) are not really a good idea for a smartlock - to me when using it the major benefits i would get are

a) Lock the door automatically/remotely if i forget to do it as i leave
b) Be able to unlock/open the door when my hands are full when i arrive home
c) Give others access for a set period of time/remotely unlock

To me C is the big one - someone is staying at my place for a while i can set them up with a 6 digit code etc to open the door - or put a token on an app on their phone to enable them to open the door - or register their phone with a proximity sensor etc etc - i do not want to mess around having to register peoples fingerprints - this is especially true with something like an AirBnB etc


Hi Craig,

your A) and B) are my most important requirements, but besides fingerprint, what is more simple to open your door without searching for your key, phone or a NFC tag (especially with your hands full) ?

My work is related to IT Security and I can tell you for sure that the phrase above does not make any sense. There are no "good" smartlocks. I would not trust any of them since they are so very easily hacked.


At least I wouldn't trust any smartlock based on Bluetooth, Zigbee or WLAN. If necessary, a special solution.

Yeah, I researched the security aspect as well already, but there is not much difference in regards of security between a normal security lock and a smart lock (same price ranges). The normal security locks are easily picked these days as well and yes smart-locks can be hacked. But on the other hand, my research has revealed that in my area has never been a breack-in based on a hacked smart door lock.

In my case, I have a secured maingate, Video & Motion Sensor surveilance around the house,so by the time anybody is reaching the front-door the alarm is already raised. I would never trust a single technology to protect my property.

I agree there has to be a certain level of security with the door lock, but in I have as well convenience requirements as described by @craigcurtin and looking for an overall good solution with the flexibility to establish automations with Node-Red so it will integrate into my overall eco-system of devices.

Really like all your feedbacks and comments , it will help me to finalize my decision