BMW Mini Cooper SE full Electric Status in a Dashboard and Apple Homekit Object

Hi together,

i getting my electric Mini last year in December.

Since the car uses BMW Connect to map its status in an app, I came up with the idea of ​​looking for an interface description and came across the BMW node at Node-Red.

So I tried on the one hand to put together the status of all information that was interesting in my opinion in a dashboard and on the other hand to bring together a collection of most of the status information with a Homekit object in the Apple Home. After all, the car has windows and doors, lights and so on, and also battery indicators. So it made sense.

In addition to the dashboard, I decided on a multi-property based on an occupancy sensor. It can show whether the eMini is plugged in (at home) and what its capacity is. The range was a bit more difficult - since it can go over 100 km and only one object from Apple can actually have values ​​greater than 100 -> the lighting sensor. This is how the range is displayed in LUX - but that is still possible.

The BMW Conect server does not like many requests and therefore the request often gets stuck on an error. Then the token must be deleted. I catch that too and delete it when the error occurs.

The project is definitely not finished and the interface gives even more. But for the beginning I have a nice dashboard and a Homekit item - that's enough for me if it updates every 15 minits.

I have installed Node-Red as RedMatic on a Raspimatic on which my Homamtic runs, which I have had for a long time and which does the rest in the house. But all nodes and configurations should also work with a Node-Red installation.

Attached some pictures. The flow is written almost exclusively in English, the dashboard is of course made in German.

Lots of fun - maybe someone can use it.

You need:

  • a BMW Connect login and a car registered there. Everything goes that is fully or partially electric from BMW. Miles and KM are supported.
  • Node-Red and the BMW Connect Node his VIN vehicle identification number and this must also be set up with the BMW / Mini app
  • A few UI enhancements such as LED and level indicators.

for interest here the download in gis [BMW/Mini Cooper SE Build up a Apple Homkit Objekt and Dashboard for status Information · GitHub](https://Dashboard Apple Homekit Status BMW- Connect)

byby, Michael

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Nice work.

If you have a GitHub account (free), you can use a "gist" and then post the link.

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Thanx :slight_smile: edit it.