Button problem - when I press a button the colour

I am using the working dashboard, but there is a problem which is becoming annoying with the buttons.

When I press them, they stay white in colour.

See attached.

Is there something I should be doing to stop this happening?

Other buttons - which are not the STANDARD buttons - but JS in function blocks - work fine.
Just the standard buttons.

Debugging 101

  1. copy the troublesome flow to a new tab
  2. remove all the nodes that are not envolved in the issue
  3. if data is needed to reproduct the problem, use an injection node or injection/change nodes to build the data - this way someone without the database/file/sensor you are using wil still be able to import and run the flow and see the error
  4. export your flow
  5. restart NR and capture the start up log.
  6. provide tthe startup log
  7. provide the flow

While this seems like a lot, I'm sure you want to make it as easy as possible for people to help you AND many times the act of doing it (reducing it to the smallest example that shows the issue, will actually allow you to solve it yourself). Doing all this for each problem you have, will save the valuable time of people you are hoping will help you and give them a better understanding of your environment, the nodes you are using, your logic and the issue you are having.

Thanks in advance for making it easier for all of us to help you.

I'm not sure but seems to be the pre-defined behaviour when button is selected after press, as the mouse is still on it, I had also the same with the default buttons when not specifying any specific colour.

Try to define a specific color & background on the button configuration and check if this issue is gone.

Don't ask me why.....




That seemed to fix the problem as I was seeing it.