Can I add a pop-ups related to a specific workflow tab when push a button on the navigator?

As you can see in the question, I want to

  1. I want to add a button on the navigator of nodered
  2. I want to add a pop-ups when I push the button.

What do you mean by navigator? Do you mean the flow editor or the node red dashboard or something else? If you mean the editor then why do you want to do it? If you mean the dashboard then adding a button is trivial so I don't know why you would ask that.

Saying navigator, I mean the header element of the editor. I want to add a button on the header of the editor.

moved to #general as not about node-red-dashboard

If you mean add a button to the node-red flow editor, then as you know, node-red is open source so sure, go edit the source and have your button & popup.

It not something built in and don't think it ever will be unless you have some amazing idea and usage for this feature. And, you'd have to convince the devs of its usefulness.

You can do some changes by utilising editorThemes in the settings.js file. Although I don't think that's enough for your options. Furthermore, like Steve says NR is open source so you can add things to a local/forked version if you wish to.