Can I get the Node-RED project name?


I want to be able to determine the actual name of the Node-RED Project from within that project itself.

I don't think it is programmatically possible, but hope someone out there could point me towards this.

I was using the contrib node: node-red-contrib-projectdir to get the Project path, and notice that SOMETIMES it gives me the correct Project name as well, but often it appears to choose a project name of a DIFFERENT project, so that will not work. The Project is always a valid path + project name - simply not the one actually running.

I wonder if node-red-contrib-projectdir is getting confused if multiple instances of Node-RED are running at the same time? Perhaps it is saving data somewhere and reloading it from another copy executed in another instance of Node-RED and it 'gets confused'? I know I do!

Any help would be much appreciated...



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